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Import all your web app data in 1 click

No more copy-pasting or shuffling CSVs.

Gini connects to Google docs, Mailchimp, Stripe, Xero, Twitter, Sendgrid, Google analytics and many more services.

Gdrive Stripe Xero Mailchimp Sendgrid Twitter

Make joins between sheets

Match up records in two or more sheets based on common values in a column.

For example, link up your customer's email click-through rates from Mailchimp with the amount they've spent in Stripe without writing any formulas or code.


Filter and sort quickly

Type any text into the always-visible filter box and click on column headings to sort both ways.

Reducing the number of steps for these common actions makes data exploration a lot faster.

Filter Sort neutral

See rows as individual records

Perfect for when you have too many columns in a sheet or cells with lots of text.

Individual pages for records make it easier to read the information and avoid horizontal scrolling.

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Build cool stuff using our REST API

Can't find the feature you want or have some cool app ideas? Go wild with our free and open REST API.

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